Mud between the toes

by unshodashish on April 6, 2012

As winter (meaning rain) finally reaches the Bay Area, almost all of my running these past few weeks has been on the 1K trail by my house, past the library, the new gym, and right along the Caltrain killing tracks. There’s something so wonderful about the sensation of running on wet earth, feeling the dampness and occasionally the mud squeezing between my toes at soggy spots along the way. Even the dogs seem to be having more fun – the other morning I saw a dog bound up a tree in its exuberance. No firemen necessary.

Yes, muddy trail running can get slippery, but then I remind myself of Dr. Romanov’s demonstration that running forward is all about form, not the surface. Use the hamstrings to lift the feet. Let the knees hinge - don’t drive forward with them. Be like a satellite, “falling ahead” before you “fall down.”

The disadvantage of mud running? I really do need to remember to deposit some socks by the front door as I leave – my own little “mud room.” It’s the only time these days my colorful sock collection of the past decade gets any use – I hope they don’t mind a little dirt.

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