About Me

I am a runner. Not a 125-pound twenty-something Olympian with massage therapists and doctors on call – just a regular middle-aged guy with a desk job, a busy life, and a bit of a tummy. Perhaps you are too. (Gals, the tummy comment was not directed at you – those jeans look fabulous!)

And perhaps many of you, like me, have suffered years of chronically sore shins, and aching knees and back, and maybe you even know the intense pain of plantar fasciitis and IT Band Syndrome. I certainly do.

And for years I thought it was just my imperfect body – that I had no alternative to pain if I wanted to run and keep in shape and stave off heart disease and diabetes for another year. But why did it have to hurt so much?!

Well, it doesn’t. What I discovered, pretty much in desperation, is that it doesn’t have to hurt. The day I took off my shoes I’d never even met another barefoot runner. I thought running without shoes was crazy. But the pain of running shoes (I was on crutches at the time, from “sesamoiditis”) was making me crazy.

And just like that, like a story out of Reader’s Digest, the pain went away. Since the day I shed my shoes, I’ve not been back to a sports doctor even once. Well, not as a patient – I give them the book to read. And I didn’t have to look far to find so many other women and men eager to share their very similar stories in my book. There is a better way.

Have you gone for your barefoot run today?

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