“The paradigm has shifted and this book captures it beautifully. The days of trying to build up shoe support with stiff materials and inserts are being replaced with a more natural, intrinsic approach – barefoot running. Ashish convincingly presents why this is the ideal way to build foot stability, balance, and prevent injury.”
Michael Fredericson, M.D. 
Professor, Department of Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine 
Head Team Physician, Stanford Track & Field
Stanford University School of Medicine

“This book will make you question the science behind your running shoes. With humor and insight, Mukharji addresses the benefits of barefoot running while focusing his attention on the concerns and hesitations that most of us have about casting our shoes aside. His interviews with other barefoot runners open us up to a world without running shoes, and his tips and techniques make the reality of barefoot running ours for the taking.”
Amy Eastwood, Ph.D.
University of Virginia Track Team, 1998-2002

“What goes on your feet should be a conscious decision – a decision informed by this thoroughly researched and well-argued book.
Alexander Gagnon, Ph.D.
Member of Team USA ITU International Aquathlon 2005

“Like most runners I know in their 40s, I am desperate to again be able to run healthy. I fought the central thesis of this book, but by addressing some of my main concerns again and again, Ashish has convinced me to try barefoot running.”
Alex Tilson 
American 50K record holder (2002-2009)

“This thought provoking and easy to read book had me intrigued
and tempted within minutes. It truly puts the burden of proof back
on the running shoe industry!”
Chantelle Wilder
2009 Canada World Cross Country team
Runners Feed writer and co-owner
Former barefoot running skeptic

“I don’t want to wear shoes. Why is there a book called Run Barefoot except if it is good for you?”
Greta Gunter
6 years wise

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